Cactus McCoy 3 is an adventure flash game in which you play the role of a cactus man.

This time, you have been summoned once more to take part in an adventure and you can't say no to it.

Cactus McCoy 3

As in the first two games in the popular series, you can use the arrow keys for moving around and you can jump by pressing the A key. You can jump down by pressing the down arrow and A simultaneously. If you move over an object and press down, you will pick it up. This is extremely helpful if you happen to find a weapon. Boxes can be move around or thrown at enemies, which you will have to do in the later levels. You can fire with the S key and if you don't have a weapon, the same key can be used for punching your enemies. Most of the time they will drop points or weapons, so make sure to pick them up. You will have to move quickly through every level of Cactus McCoy 3 if you want a high score and you will also have to keep an eye on your health meter because getting hit will drain your life rapidly.

Cactus McCoy 3 is a very exciting game and you will often time have to fight against scary enemies, jump on hanging ropes and avoid trap doors. You can even save your current progress if you want to come back and finish the game some other time.